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Annual Education Report

Board Policies and Beliefs

The Woodland Park Academy Board of Education believes:  

  • Education is the shared responsibility of students, family, school, and community
  • All students can learn
  • All learners deserve equity and opportunity in their education
  • High expectations promote success
  • Exemplary education is the result of professional growth and continuous school improvement
  • All learners are entitled to a safe learning environment
  • Education promotes a healthy sense of self and encourages personal achievement
  • Learning is lifelong

Mission Statement: Partnering with families and providing diverse educational opportunities to inspire our children to change the world.

Core Values:

  • Relationships
  • Achievement 
  • Citizenship 




  • Compassionate school-family relationships
    • Classrooms to be caring, collaborative communities
    • Staff and student relationships
    • Respectful family partnerships 


  • Challenging learning environment where students achieve at high levels 
    • High functioning collaborative teams
    • Ongoing professional training 
    • Rigorous learning environment
    • Students aspiring to succeed  


  • Develop and empower our students to positively change the world
    • Community Outreach
    • Curricular Connections
    • Stewardship 
    • Leadership